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Permaculture farm Dvorisko | Our farm is also our homestead

About us

Our farm is also our home. We bought the land with an unfinished house in 2016 and permanently moved here in 2019. We live here together with our daughter Vlaďka, who has been growing up here practically since birth. Our family further includes Vladimíra's older children Viktória, who helps us with the care of the animals, and Marek, who takes care of the bees.

Our story

or how a boy from Bratislava and a girl from Trnava came to a mountain settlement under the Low Tatras

Leaving for a remote place and leaving your previous "normal" life behind is not an easy decision. And it's certainly not for everyone. The most important thing is that both partners want to live this way. And that was also our case. We met at a relatively mature age, both of us leading "normal" lives until then.

I, Miroslav, worked as a translator and interpreter and ran a holiday cottage in Jahodnik in Smolenice. Despite my financial well-being, I felt that this was not quite the way of life I wanted to live, and I sought relaxation in nature and also in my garden. The garden was primarily a resting place for me, so I planted a lot of trees and shrubs in it, which I let grow freely. Instead of mowing, I got chickens and pigs to graze the grass.

And then, ironically, through my work, I got the chance to attend a one-year course at the Krameterhof farm in Austria. Here, I realised that what I was already partly doing had a name - permaculture.

The concept of permaculture really appealed to me and suddenly everything made more sense. Sometime around that time, Vlaďa and I met and our lives began to intertwine, we were already running the holiday cottages together and together we continued to develop our common garden, which, as Vlaďa said, was completely different from the gardens she had known until then, where not a single weed was allowed to grow.

And then we made a big decision together - the decision to leave our current life and to move to a new homestead that would be closer to nature. Together we started looking for a suitable plot of land and travelled to various locations around Slovakia. Finally, we decided to buy an unfinished house with the surrounding land in Brezno, which we did at the end of 2016. At first, Brezno became our second home, we were gradually finishing the house and settling our affairs in our previous home in Western Slovakia. We finally moved to Brezno in October 2019, shortly after the birth of our daughter Vlaďka.

The basic goal and reason we moved here is that we want to live a more sustainable lifestyle, be as self-sufficient as possible and grow healthy food. We believe that permaculture is a viable alternative to consumerist lifestyle and also makes economic sense.

Our team

Ing. Miroslav Hudák

Graduated economist, translator and interpreter.

His interest in gardening and animal husbandry has been evident since childhood. He came to learn permaculture through his work as an interpreter when he attended a year-long course called "permaculture practitioner" at the Krameterhof farm in Austria with J. Holzer in 2014-2015. As part of the course, he participated in permaculture projects in Austria, Germany and Slovakia.

On the farm, he is mainly involved in technical matters, landscaping work, water retention, animal husbandry and tree care.

Certificate Holzer Permakultur Praktiker [PDF]

Mgr. Vladimíra Hudáková

Vladimíra is involved in all the activities on the farm, but she is particularly dedicated to herbs, gardening and processing the farm's produce and making sure that the farm is always full of flowers.

However, her main mission as a trained teacher is to educate little Vlaďka to a natural way of life.

... and YOU!

And here is the place for you!

If you are interested in permaculture and our way of life, if you would like to work with us and you believe that your work would be beneficial for our farm, don't hesitate to contact us.

We are open to various forms of long-term and short-term cooperation.

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