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Permaculture farm Dvorisko | Our farm is also our homestead


We grow all our plants without the use of chemicals, and we keep our animals in free-range enclosures.

Depending on the season we offer for sale:

  • live poultry

    we focus on breeds of hens with a preserved broodiness instinct, currently white Oravka hen and Amrock.

  • various plants/trees

  • dried herbs

We will post the current offer on our Facebook page


We hand-pick all the herbs in our own meadows and dry them naturally. During the year we collect and offer the following herbs: Alchemilla common, Kidney vetch, Linden small-leaved, Yellow bedstraw, St. John's wort, Wild thyme, Mint (various types), Lemon balm, Pot marigold, Eyebright, Red raspberry, Common yarrow, Agrimonia eupatoria, Common sage, Meadowsweet

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