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Permaculture farm Dvorisko | Our farm is also our homestead


We will be happy to support you in your permaculture projects by providing you with advisory or design services.

We have experience in water retention, access road construction, fencing, terracing, raised beds, spring tapping, animal husbandry, vegetable and herb gardening and more and our farm is also a showcase of our work. I want to know more about Consultations.

In addition to advice, we will also be happy to help you with the actual works on your project, including earthworks, site modifications or planting works. We have a small tractor and a 1.8 t mini excavator. I want to know more about Doing the job.

Our farm can also be used as a photographing location and for various courses or other activities.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry and we will certainly agree on mutually beneficial terms.

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