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Permaculture farm Dvorisko | Our farm is also our homestead

Doing the job

We don't want good ideas to remain only on paper, which is why you can use our experience and equipment for the actual implementation of your projects. We can help you with landscaping, spring tapping, terracing, planting of windbreaks, fencing, pond building and much more.

Our equipment

  • 1.8 t crawler excavator, 30 and 50 cm buckets and a hydraulic tilt bucket
  • small tractor with mulcher and rotary tiller
  • trailer trolley with total weight 2.7 t for material transport
  • branch chopper up to 8 cm diameter, other garden equipment.

We can carry out projects on a turnkey basis or with varying degrees of your involvement.

The price is always agreed individually.

In all our projects, we strive to deliver maximum value for minimum cost.

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